A ShoreTel Technical Account manager usually assists customers whom have 1,000 endpoints or more. They are there to ensure that the customer is using the ShoreTel system to it's maximum potential as well as benefiting the business to the best of it's ability.

As businesses grow, their phone systems become more complex. Because of that,, there needs to be certain steps taken to ensure that the phone system can grow with the business. This will save time and usually LOTS of money. Having an account manager can prevent the daunting task of having to go back to audit phone system functions and make big changes. An account manager will also ensure that all pre-requisites are met and standard business practices are in place to ensure that the phone system grows as part of the business.

When I think of an account manager, I think of a virtual employee. That virtual employee becomes a part of your business. They help when you have emergencies, ensure that any open tickets you have with the vendor are being addressed in a timely manner, and most importantly, helps you keep your phone system up and functional at all times. Techncal Account Managers are  great to have to ensure any IT upgrades or network changes are not going to negatively affect your phone system. Do you have plans on adding a call centre? Great! Please tell me what your goals are and let me provide you the information required to accomplish those goals. The solution might include what you have already, or possibly bringing in another solution that will integrate with your phone system. This will ensure your phone system stays a seamless working machine and continue to be easy to use!.

 Below are some topics that a ShoreTel Technical Account Manager will touch with you.

  • Tier 3 IT staff training/ End user training
  • Bandwidth considerations
  • Dial plan
  • Phone trunk redundancy
  • Physical phone system hardware redundancy
  • Disaster Recovery plans and processes
  • Site standardization
  • Integration with 3rd parties
  • Call Centre functionality
  • and much more!