Extended Portfolio

Major Projects:

  • Assisted in engineering and designing the City of Lansing Security Camera's
  • Assisted in engineering and designing City of Battle Creek metro WiFi network
  • Standardized all hardware and equipment for Michigan central offices
  • Managed 7 people in the Telecom department. (This department scheduled field technician’s to install, and fix circuits and services. This department also programmed equipment for the field and supported Tier 3 technical support).
    • Resolved customer escalation
    • Worked with Provisioning Department to help resolve 911 data entry issues with  TC entry and Number Portability Administration Center
    • Worked with Field Engineers to get them equipment and provide field standards
    • Provided emergency programming for damaged equipment provided to customers
    • Worked with AT&T directly for escalated vendor meets and wiring issues between the two companies
Core Network:
  • Schedule and perform hands on ISP backbone routing and switching maintenance.
  • Upgrading OC-12 fiber ring to OC-48 via Cisco 15454 sonet boxes
    • Upgraded Management cards from TCC to TCC+ via Cisco 15454 sonet boxes
  • Upgrade wiring in central office as well as engineer new standards for equipment layout.
    • Standardized from off brand fiber panels to ADC Fiber panels
    • Researched and engineered ADC fiber paneling for ACD custom datacenter and Michigan central offices
    • Standardized punch down blocks to Wire wrap blocks via Newton wire management
    • Standardized on DS3 equipment and DS3 wiring
    • Standardized rack brand and rack layout of central offices (AT&T and Verizon)
    • Researched and hired Tier 2 and 3 companies to install cabling to ACD collocations
    • Upgraded 3com dial-up chassis trunks for dial up customers
  • Engineered core fiber routes into Michigan central offices
  • Improved reliability of routers and one gig switch network via improving configuration standards and re-routing fiber routes for improved network redundancy
    • Upgraded all to old 7500 T3 cards to PA-MC-T3 to resolve Multilink issues voice quality issues
    • Upgraded all VIP2-50’s and VIP4-50’s to VIP4-80’s with upgraded memory
    • Work with policy maps to improve QOS for applications and voice
  • Upgrade previous switch, and router network backbone infrastructure equipment to Cisco 12,000 routers, and 6500 core routers.
    • Our team built 12,000 series routers core network with OC-12
    • Worked in a team to implement new OSPF area zero on new 6509 10 gig switch network
    • Researched and started implementing Ethernet over MPLS
Class 4/5 IP Phone Switch:
  • Converted all 1 way voice trunks to 2-way phone trunks providing a significant reduction in costs
    • Moved T1 and DS3 routes on on fiber network
    • Moved off T1 panels for cross-connects to completely digital cross-connects via Cisco 15454 sonnet boxes
  • Turned up new SS7 links with AT&T
  • Turned up all customer SIP and PRI phone trunks
  • Standardized voice translations in Class 4/5 Metaswitch phone switch
  • Turned up 911 trunks across the state of Michigan with AT&T
  • Worked with Metaswitch vendor to help resolve routing issues and new turn up’s of customer PBX systems
    • Turned up all customer SIP and PRI phone trunks
      • Via Vertical PBX, Cisco Call Manager, Panasonic PBX , Magellan PBX, Asterisk PBX, and more.
    • Researched and installed new EMS servers that controlled phone switch
    • Researched customer PBX systems to resolve compatibility issues
  • Merged Planet Access phone company into phone switch via acquisition
Tier 3 support:
  • Support corporate as well as state government services that require 24/7 365 days a year network uptime for collocation, data, camera systems, and phone services that stay reliable.
    • Worked with new customers to test new PBX systems with our phone switch
    • Helped build out Stadium District Apartments building data and phone network
    • Worked to turn up City of Lansing, Michigan video cameras
    • Worked to turn up City of Battle Creek, Michigan Metro Wireless
    • Provided Eaton Rapids Medical center phone and data redundancy
    • Turned up 50 Pizza Hut locations in Michigan to provide voice and data
    • Turned up 15 stores for Baryames Cleaners to provide voice and data
  • Work with manufacturers and customers to resolve Fiber, DS3, T1, DSL, and phone issues (Voice over Internet Protocol and Plain Old Telephone Service.)
    • Worked with Arial Link to resolve fiber cuts and hardware use in ACD central offices
    • Worked with Level 3 to turn up new OC-12 backbone for long distance trunks
    • Worked with 20/20 communications to connect their core network to
    • Worked with Adtran to resolve quality of service issues with phone hardware
    • Provided escalation and packet tracing for customer’s whom have quality of service issues with onsite phone issues (via Wireshark)
Research and Development:
  • Research new products to deliver DSL/ADSL and voice services to customers
  • • Engineer and build more efficient voice and data network solutions for new customers
    • Provided research and installation of 6509 chassis and hardware to Michigan central offices
      • SUP720’s
      • MSFC2’s
    • Work with vendors to help release new products.
      • Worked with Zhone to troubleshoot software and bugs to their DSLAMs and modems
      • Worked with Zhone to troubleshoot software and bugs new Metro Wifi access points
Tracking and Network Management:
  • Manage network backup systems and keep current documentation of network topology
  • Update monitoring and backup tools to support the network via SNMPc and Kiwi Tools
    • Created rack diagrams for mapping of data center and Michigan central offices